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If we could, we’d shout it from the rooftops into every backyard barbecue in Texas: BBQ sauce should compliment meat, not coat it.

We are Sean and Kim McGrath, the creators of 2BQ’D Sauce. While we’ve been passionate about the Texas food scene for a long time, our inspiration came from elsewhere: our little girl. As much as we wanted to share our love of BBQ with her, there wasn’t a single sauce we felt comfortable putting on her plate.

Dark brown and syrupy, loaded with sugars, gums, and artificial flavors, most BBQ sauce follows a common formula. Overpowering the flavor of food and contributing to diet-related health issues in the process, we believed our family—and Texas families—deserved better.

In 2011, we set out to create better.

Smile Train

Our arsenal was simple: a foundational recipe, a kitchen stove, a kettle. We selected ingredients for flavor complexity; we added, subtracted, and noted the nuances. After countless hours of experimentation, we had friends taste-test our low-in-sugar, deep-in-flavor creation. “It’s the fine wine of BBQ sauce,” one told us. They all insisted that we bring it to shelves.

What started in our kitchen became bottles of 2BQ’D Original and Spicy BBQ Sauce that’s now sold in stores across Texas.

Fresh, tangy, and lightly sweet to balance the kick, 2BQ’D has the unmistakable flavor of BBQ sauce, but isn’t the gooey “stuff” typically slathered on chicken. Its thinner, natural texture, and fresh layered taste invites experimentation. Many fans love using it as a mayo substitute in potato salad and a marinade for meats and tofu. With tomatoes as its first ingredient, 2BQ’D is a real food based sauce with no added preservatives or corn syrups. Gluten free, vegan, and low in sugar, our sauce has enabled those with sensitive diets to use BBQ sauce for the first time in years—or the first time ever.

BBQ Family

But having a great product isn’t enough.

We knew from the beginning that our success would come with responsibility. In our case, it circled back to our daughter. Born with often life-threatening cleft lip and palate, her smile shined even brighter after surgery. It’s our vision to make healthier lives and brighter smiles possible for kids with cleft lip and palate around the world. Today, a portion of the proceeds from every bottle supports Smile Train. With the line, “Helping kids smile one bottle at a time,” on our label, 2BQ’D is proof that aside from great BBQ sauce itself, there’s nothing more Texan than giving back.


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